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magnesium oxide for use in metallurgical mining

High purity, light burned magnesium-oxide is moderately reactive and uniformly burned to provide a higher recovery of valuable metals from ore extraction such as cobalt, nickel and copper from acid leach solutions.

Light burnt magnesium oxide can improve MgO utilization efficiency and increase the precipitate grade or yield of the metal giving light burned magnesium oxide superior performance in hydrometallurgy over naturally-occurring, mined magnesia products that have lower MgO purity and slower, non-uniform reactivity.

High Purity Light Burned Magnesium-Oxide

Messi Biology provides high purity, light burned magnesium-oxide for use in metallurgical mining.

Magnesium oxide is used as a component of the cementing compound for making air-tight seals when drilling wells. After magnesium oxide is added to cementing compound it is hydrated and expanded ensuring stable bond between soil and casing.

Magnesium oxide can also be used as a thickening agent in drilling muds. Drilling muds are complex mixtures with a lot of additives which can change fluid density, rheology and pH level. Magnesia (magnesium oxide) is used in drilling muds where it acts as a detergent to maintain the purity of annulus and neutralize acid gases released during the drilling.

High-purity magnesium oxide has moderate chemical activity and ensures fast depletion of precious metals from the mined ores. Such as cobalt, nickel and copper from acid leach solutions. Using synthetic magnesium oxide ensures high production capacity in hydrometallurgy compared with mined magnesium products of natural origin having a lower frequency and a slow and nonuniform chemical activity.

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