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Apr 01

Preparation of Magnesium Oxide and Its Application in Catalytic Reaction

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. reviewed the laboratory preparation methods of magnesium oxide and its application in catalytic reactions. The preparation methods of magnesium oxide mainly include thermal decomposition method, chemical precipitation method, hydrothermal method and sol-gel method. The preparation raw materials and reaction conditions affect the surface structure and properties of magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide is highly alkaline and can be used as a solid base catalyst to catalyze Claisen-Schmidt and Knoevenagel condensation reactions. The interfacial interaction between magnesium oxide and nanometer metal produces a synergistic effect, and the prepared supported metal catalyst has unique structure and properties….

Mar 31

Preparation Technology of Food Grade Magnesium Carbonate and Its Application in Flour

At present, there are brine soda ash method and brine ammonium bicarbonate method in domestic production of basic magnesium carbonate with brine, but there is no report on the production of food grade basic magnesium carbonate. The production process of the brine soda ash method is simple, the investment in equipment is small, and the utilization rate of raw materials is high. The ammonia recovery equipment of the brine ammonium bicarbonate method is omitted, and the NaCl and NaSO4 generated by the “three wastes” treatment can be directly returned to the salt pond for recycling. The preparation of basic…

Mar 31

Messi Biology participated in the Xingdong New District Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month on-site job fair

On March 29, the Party-mass Work Department of Xingdong New District organized a job fair for the “Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month” at the south gate of the Garden Expo Park. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the recruitment event.   The event site was crowded with job seekers, who carefully read the recruitment brochures, asked about employment needs, and looked for suitable positions for themselves. There is an endless stream of people who come to the company’s booth to apply for jobs, including production, accounting, foreign trade and other positions. Colleagues from…

Mar 30

Preparation Technology of Spherical Nano Magnesium Oxide

Nano-magnesium oxide is a new type of high-function fine inorganic material. Nano-magnesium oxide is widely used in electronics, catalysis, ceramics, oil products, coatings and other fields. Flame retardants for chemical fiber and plastic industries; medium and high temperature dewatering agents for silicon steel sheet production, advanced ceramic materials, electronic industry materials, binders and additives in chemical raw materials; radio industry high-frequency magnetic rod antennas, magnetic device fillers, insulating materials Filling and various carriers; refractory fibers and refractory materials, magnesia-chrome bricks, fillers for heat-resistant coatings, high temperature resistance, insulation resistance instruments, electricity, cables, optical materials and steelmaking; electrical insulator materials,…

Mar 30

Messi Biology Food Additive Magnesium Oxide Exported to Malaysia

A few days ago, 15 tons of food additive magnesium oxide products produced by Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. were successfully exported to Malaysia through Guangzhou Port. Food additive Magnesium oxide is an ionic compound, which can be processed from magnesium ore through calcination, pyrolysis and other processes. Tibet Mag Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd., has the exclusive mining rights of the hydromagnesite mining area in Tibet, which provides natural raw materials for the production and processing of food additive magnesia. Magnesium oxide is widely used in the food industry. It can be…

Mar 25

Preparation of hexagonal flaky magnesium hydroxide by crystallization-hydrothermal method

Magnesium hydroxide (magnesium hydroxide,) as an important chemical product and intermediate, has a wide range of applications. In the field of environmental protection, it is called “green and safe water treatment agent”, which can be used for neutralization of acid-containing wastewater, decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater, removal of heavy metals, flue gas desulfurization, etc. It can also be used as antacid agent for medicine, antibacterial and bactericide, protective agent for paper and precursor for preparing magnesium oxide. As an environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide has the advantages of environmental protection, high thermal stability, flame retardancy, smoke…

Mar 25

Messi Biology participated in the first Shenzhen International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition

On March 23, the 2023 First Shenzhen International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition was successfully opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Manager Li from the sales department of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition. Shenzhen International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition is the South China sister exhibition of China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition held in Shanghai. The organizer came to Shenzhen with abundant market resources accumulated over the years, intending to further dredge the global communication channels of various elements of the composite materials industry, build a new pattern of Shanghai-Shenzhen twin-city linkage, and coordinated development of…

Mar 24

Preparation and Application Properties of Hexagonal Flake Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant

Magnesium hydroxide is a green and environmentally friendly inorganic additive flame retardant. It has the advantages of good thermal stability, non-toxicity, easy availability of raw materials, low price, and no toxic and harmful gases during combustion. It can be widely added to such as Plastics, rubber, coatings and other polymer materials to improve their flame retardant properties. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has prepared a highly dispersed hexagonal flake flame-retardant magnesium hydroxide with small particle size and low surface polarity, and at the same time researched its flame-retardant application. The main content includes the following two aspects: First, in…

Mar 24

Preparation of hexagonal flake magnesium hydroxide by hydration of hydromagnesite calcined magnesium oxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that hydromagnesite is a natural chemical composition 4MgCO·Mg(OH)·4H2O mineral, and it is an advantageous mineral resource in my country. When hydromagnesite is calcined, magnesium carbonate decomposes, releases carbon dioxide gas and generates magnesia at the same time, the most important factors affecting the activity of magnesia are calcination temperature and time, low activity magnesia is not easy to hydrate, and the reaction activation energy increases. Hexagonal magnesium hydroxide has the advantages of flame retardancy, smoke elimination, safe filling, and low price. It has become an important inorganic flame retardant and has broad market…

Mar 23

Messi Biology was invited to attend the 2023 spring forum on new cable materials and new technology innovation

On March 16, the 2023 Spring Forum on New Cable Materials and New Technology Innovation was successfully held in Suzhou. Manager Zhao of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the forum. The forum will share the latest technical progress on the technical hotspots and industry trends that the cable industry is concerned about, display and exchange cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and insights into industry development, and bring new ideas, new methods and new perspectives to the development of the cable and power transmission and distribution industry. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015….

Mar 23

Study on the Influence of Magnesium Oxide on the Quality of Grain-oriented Silicon Steel Bottom

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that high-performance magnesium oxide with specific reactivity, particle size and flow characteristics can be used to manufacture transformer silicon steel sheets with grain orientation. During annealing, the steel is treated with a magnesium oxide coating to form a glass-ceramic film (forsterite). The insulating properties of this film are very important, as is the choice of different magnesium oxide grades. The surface quality of grain-oriented silicon steel mainly depends on the formation quality of the magnesium silicate bottom layer. In normal production, defects such as dew crystals, black bottom layer, redness, bluishness, and color…

Mar 22

Preparation of Hexagonal Flaky Magnesium Hydroxide for Flame Retardant from Brine

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium hydroxide is an important inorganic material and is widely used in daily life. Magnesium hydroxide can be used to neutralize acidic wastewater, adsorb heavy metals in water, act as a decolorizer for wastewater and absorb sulfur dioxide in flue gas. As a green inorganic flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide has received widespread attention at home and abroad. But to make the material achieve the ideal flame retardant effect, the addition of magnesium hydroxide is usually as high as 60%. When its compatibility with organic matter is poor, it will affect the mechanical…

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